Saturday, September 20, 2014

My first race (again)!

This morning was my first 5K since beginning and completing retraining over the last couple of months.  The weather was perfect and it was shaping up to be a magnificent day.  It was also my birthday.  I thought this was the best gift I could give myself.  I decided to treat it as another 'training run' because I always tend to get nervous before a race.  I'm not sure why, but I always feel, even if short lived, that familiar anxiety welling up in the pit of my gut.

On my way!

I got to the race location, picked up my packet, then took most of it back to the car.  I wanted to be able to photograph everything, but decided I would put the phone away until after the races were over.  This was a two race event, a 10K which started at 8:15, and then my 5K which began at 8:30.  I still had a little time before the race, so I wandered around investigating and meeting new people.


 HANK FM was announcing a contest, so I wandered over and filled out an entry form, teasing them about it being my birthday while also advising them they didn't really need to know the year ;)  I moved on to another tent and grabbed a banana and some water.  While loading up on goodies, I heard my name being called over the loud speakers.  Again, 'Lori Poole, where are you?'  It was the HANK FM tent DJ announcing that Lori Poole, the birthday girl had won the drawing for a one hundred dollar gift card!  Wowie!  Not a bad start!  I was just sure they were teasing me, but it was the real deal!

Gift card!

A few minutes later the 10K runners were off!  Fifteen more minutes and it would be time for me to run my race.  I walked over to the start line and felt the anxiety rising.  I found some nice people and began chatting, this always helps me calm down and I believe it helps others relax as well.  That fifteen minutes went by so fast, there it was!  We were moving, crossing the start line and that was it for REAL!

I found my pace and settling in, held steady.  Hey, I feel good!  I am very glad I took the last four days off.  I'm doing fine, I'm doing really well.  I was passing people that started before me, but it didn't matter, I wasn't competing with them.  I had my own agenda, my own very specific goals.

The first mile was done and gone and I was digging into the second mile.  There was a sweet downhill run before hitting a couple of hills, so I was sure to take advantage of this.  I really enjoyed the downhill bit, but I was preferring even more the stretches of good old level road.  Here come the ups, okay let's just slow down if we need too, tighten your stride, you know what to do, you've been training on hills.  I had been training on much steeper hills!  While this was a bit of a strain, I continued right on to, and past mile two!

Figuring my time at the two mile mark, I started doing the math.  I am always doing math on my runs, I find it not only serves a purpose, but it keeps me entertained.  If I kept this pace up, even factoring in the long gradual incline I knew was waiting for me just before the end of the route, I was definitely going to be able to come in under fifty minutes.  In fact, I decided I wanted to come in under forty-six minutes!!  How about that?!

Rounding the turn into the hospital grounds, I knew it wouldn't be much longer before the three mile marker, then only a tenth of a mile to go!  I was feeling somewhat tired as I was straining against the incline, but just ahead, I could see that wonderful three mile marker!  The adrenaline kicked in and I knew I could push myself through the last bit.  I did too, I wanted to make up for the slower pace on that last incline.  There they were!  I could see those beautiful blue rugs over the timing mechanisms under the giant FINISH banner!!  Pushing even harder, as hard as I could, I pumped my legs and headed into the finish!!  Forming peace symbols with my fingers, I kissed both and waved them high in the air shouting my WOOT-WOOTs! and AWESOMEs!!

I did it!!  I really did it!!  I hit my goals and then some!  Goal 1) Finish the race, CHECK, 2) Run every step, CHECK! and 3) The added goal of finishing under forty-six minutes, CHECK!!

Post race!  Big cheesy grin!

That's right!!  I did it!! Not only under forty-six minutes, but...

...under 45 minutes!!  (3rd from the bottom)
AND I received an age groupers medal!  Third place!

That's my bling! The ICING!!
What a wonderful and rewarding morning it had been.  One of my cupcakes I had received from a friend yesterday actually survived until post race and I treated myself when I got home. While the cake was good, just like meeting my original goals, the icing was spectacular!  And as most of as know, it really is all about the icing!  ;)

Just LOOK at that icing, will you?!  Spectacular!!



  1. Congratulations!!! You PLACED!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!
    You got to eat your cake and have it too!!

    1. That I did Tara and it felt wonderful, thank you!