Saturday, September 6, 2014


I had prior commitments for this morning which would have prevented a training run.  This was why I had originally planned on running week 7-2 Friday evening and then completing week 8 on Sunday morning.  I really wanted to do my Saturday morning run, so made a few changes.  I canceled the original plans, took last night off and headed out for my graduation run this morning, Week 8!!  A full half hour run at the same steady pace I had been training at all along.

As I headed out, it was a perfect 66 degrees, overcast and there was a nice steady mist coming down.  My dream running weather!!  I was so happy I changed my plans.  This gave me an extra rest day, gave me back my Saturday morning run and the weather.....the weather sure beat running in the direct sun on a humid 80 something degree evening after working all day.  I was so looking forward to this!

Todd put together a really fun program for week 8 and I was really looking forward to it.  Just in case you are following along with his program, I won't tell you what it is, I'll let you look forward to it as well.  I headed out for my warm up walk, then started my run.  On and on I ran, Todd ticking off the time periodically and offering words of support.  I had a different plan in mind when I started this morning and knew as I hit the halfway point, there was no way I was going to want to stop at thirty minutes.

Past the halfway point now and I felt great!  I'll let you in on a little secret, intervals are a lot harder than running steady and continuously.  Once your endurance has been built up, it is a whole lot easier to continue running than to stop and restart.  The intervals get you and your heart rate nice and strong for your long runs.  They are really important to keep incorporated in your routine training as well, regardless of how comfortable you are with a distance.

The minutes were ticking down quickly and here it was, the thirty minute finish.  There was no way I wanted to stop!!  I felt amazing!  I quickly reset the program back fifteen minutes and continued running,  I was averaging about a fifteen minute mile.  I knew I wanted to go the full 5k, (3.1 miles).

I was feeling so good!  It had been years, truly, since I had been able to run like this without some type of injury recurring.  I would keep trying to retrain and would get the occasional great run, but nothing consistent and strong like it has been this time.  I had been dealing with the plantar fasciitis since March of 2013, first the left foot for a year, then the right foot.  I was so happy to be able to be running again, I felt a surge of joy and tears welling inside.

With a little less than a half a mile to go, all of a sudden I began feeling drained and wondered if I was going to continue struggling, when it dawned on me where I was.  It pays to really know your running environment well and I knew just about every inch of this park inside and out, trails and road.  I realized I had hit the point where the road began a gradual incline and if I could get through this, I would have a little stretch of level ground before the next incline.  Setting my mind, I was now targeting that level stretch.  Tightening steps a bit to compensate for easing back on the pace some, I continued up until I felt the change.  Oh yeah!  It was definitely the incline that had taken its toll on me.  Now on level ground, I felt strong again.

I took this opportunity to take advantage of the flat stretch after looking at my Garmin and seeing how close I was to my mark.  Seeing exactly how far I needed to go to complete the 3.1 miles and the time on the clock, I decided I wanted to finish in under fifty minutes.   I made those legs go!  Even as I felt the next incline start, I kept pumping.  And THERE IT IS!  Stop clock!

I didn't take this photo until I got home

Graduation day!  This morning I signed up for another race a week before the one for which I had already registered.  This one will be on September 20th, (my birthday), and I am really looking forward to it!  I can't think of a better gift to give myself.

Going forward with training, my plan is to keep Saturday mornings for my long runs (or races), Mondays for my long interval repeats and then pull at least one weekday evening to focus on speed training.

Good luck with your training!!  HAPPY RUNNING!!!!!

*Note:  If you have questions about how to get started or running in general, please continue to personal message me on my Facebook page:  Lori-Light A Better Version of Me.  I will do my best to answer your questions, or refer you to someone who can get you headed in the right direction.  Or you may post on this blog, or my Facebook page, there may be others that are able to contribute.  They may even have the same questions!

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