Sunday, September 7, 2014

a hard sell is a HUGE turn off!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I find that the pushier a person is, the harder the sell, the less I hear the content and the more I hear myself formulating my path of resistance.  It may even have been something I could have originally gotten on board with.  I choose to have an open mind about a lot of things, but once someone deems they are better than everyone else and their way is the only way, I instantly go into my ear covering, 'lalalalalalalala', 'I can't hear youuuuu' mode.

My primary choices for sustenance are plant based, as are the majority of choices I make as to the type of clothing I wear, furniture I purchase, cleaning products I use, etc.  I try to replace existing products with cruelty free items.  I would use the term 'vegan', however, I am learning a lot about the term and the depth to which some people will go to defend their 'titles'.

Don't get me wrong, there are many many awesome folks that are vegan and even the extremists are necessary for diving into the trenches, getting messy and getting actively involved.  I don't always agree with their methods, but usually do agree with their reasons and a lot of important changes are enacted because of them.  Sadly, however, lately I have begun to see so much hatred and bashing going on in the Facebook groups and pages.  I have recently unjoined several because of the bullying.  Someone sincerely trying to learn and ask for help gets raked over the coals and chastised for not meeting the bullies' expectations of perfection.  Super disgusting and I am the first one to applaud the people for even trying.  Why would you want to attack someone for trying when you could be educating the ones with no knowledge, or getting dirty in the trenches and fighting against the abuse and torture of the truly hate filled money grubbers etc?

I don't respect this any more than I do someone trying to shove their personal religious beliefs down my throat touting how they are right and everyone else is wrong and all are going to go to hell.  Nor do I appreciate someone telling me how to exercise, eat, lead my life in general, and that their way is the only way and everyone else's is wrong.  They actually believe everyone must do it their way!

Ridiculous people!  We are each on our own journey and it is important for us to find our own way. It is also important to help others along their journey.  I said 'help', not bully, not boss, not judge, but sincerely help.  Set a good example by the way you live your life.  If someone asks for your opinion, give it, but you don't have to judge someone else to do so.  As far as I know, no one came into this world with all the hate and judgement for others, nor did they have all the 'answers' they are currently wielding.

I frequently see someone living their life one way, making excuses, judging others, posting horrible things on Facebook pages and then months go by and they have made changes that would be a 100% contradiction of the things they were previously doing or using for excuses.  They have learned something and made appropriate changes to improve their lives.  Good for them, but, then they turn around and toss down the gauntlet to everyone not doing like they are now.  Now wait, what about all the things you did for years prior to this point?  Are you the only one that gets to learn, everyone else has to come ready made and in total agreement with everything you say and do??

Do the very best that you know you can do, I did NOT say be perfect!  What is that anyway?  You are not here to meet someone else's ideals.  You are here to be the best version of yourself you can be, can learn to be, can become.

And if you need help, ask for it, it's okay.  It really is.  But make sure you are getting the type of help you are seeking and not being bullied into someone else's idea of the way you should be doing things and the way they want you to live your life.

I think, do as little harm as you can in this world, try to make small improvements when you can, where you can, be generous with your random acts of kindness, be proud that you are able to do small acts of kindness, they may mean more than you realize.  And by all means do as little harm as you can to yourself!!  That's right!  You wouldn't let someone treat your best friend, loved one or even your pet the way you treat yourself, so stop doing that!

Ignore their hard sell and continue on your merry way, gently influencing others by your kind and generous actions, or your healthy choices.  YOUR choices, what is working for you now, but continue learning, growing and sharing.  If something doesn't feel right, you're going to know it and then perhaps it is time for some introspection.

Now, go out there and continue being the best version of you 
you can be!