Sunday, August 24, 2014

Week 4.2 - A good decision

I couldn't wait!  I just had to get out into the woods and on those trails again today.  We have had a lot of rain and I knew the spongy damp earth would feel wonderful on my feet.

I did decide to do the Week 4.2 training to transition into Week 5 and it went so well, I plan to do the same thing between Weeks 7 and 8, opting for the Week 7.2 training.  I highly recommend this option for anyone who feels a new week is too much too soon, take it down a notch and be proud!  Keep going!  You know you've got this!

The trails did not disappoint.  In fact, apparently quite a few people had the same idea and were out enjoying them as well.  I call the woods my church, my sanctuary.  It is a place I can regroup, find peace and stillness and so much beauty.  It was good to see so many others felt the same.

No photos of my pre-run meal, but I decided to keep it light and easy.  I tossed raw and organic ingredients into the NutriBullet: banana, almond milk, yacon syrup, maca powder and B12.  Fast, delicious and a nice light meal for a pre-run.

I hope you are all enjoying your runs, I know I am!



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