Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 3

Good morning!  I have completed two days of the Week 2 training program, but decided to go ahead and switch up to Week 3 this morning.  If I don't continue to feel strong, or if I feel I am moving too fast, I will move back and repeat Week 2.  However, after completing Week 3 this morning I am convinced it was the right move and am eager to continue.

This morning, since it was going to be for short bursts only, I wasn't too concerned about getting extra calories beforehand.  I certainly do not like to run or walk with a heavy stomach.  So I ate most of a banana and had something to drink and off I went.

It was a really good training session and I stuck to the grass and gravel next to the paved trail on the greenway.  I have been trying to get a photograph of the beautiful Kingfisher that likes to hang out by the ponds, but haven't had much luck.  This morning, of course, since I did not have my camera, he was kind enough to pose for me three times!  He finally took off during my third time around the inner loop.  I believe he decided he'd had enough fun tormenting me for one morning :)

Since I don't have a photo of the Kingfisher to share, I thought I would share my post-run meal.  I have been vegetarian, (primarily vegan), since before the start of 2014 and would like to add that I haven't been sick once since getting back on this path.  I don't like to eat too many processed and packaged, ready made vegan foods, but it is nice to have them handy occasionally and they are pretty tasty too!

Organic grapes, vegan: sausage, cheese, mayo, spicy brown mustard - YUM!

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