Saturday, August 23, 2014

2nd run of week 4

In case there are some of you just beginning your adventures in running, I'm posting more frequent posts to help you know you're not in it alone.  You may be struggling, it may not even be something you like or think you're going to like.  If you absolutely detest running, or perhaps have some true physical issues that could impede your continuing for healthy runs, it may not be the best option for you.  But, if on the other hand, it is something you really want to do, really enjoy or think you're going to enjoy, go for it!

Some runs will be a struggle, some days you may not be feeling it at all, it could really be a challenge and you need to stop.  That's okay.  Stop.  But if you are one of the ones that really want to do this, just make sure to start again on your next running day.  Don't give up, never compare yourself to someone else or even yourself if you did a mile last week and today, you're having trouble completing a tenth of a mile at a jog.  Some days are just going to be like that.  Take a break, rest a day or two (or more), then get back out there and start a little slower or decrease your distance.  It's okay, really it is.

I feel awesome after a run!  Some parts may be more difficult than others, but when I'm done, I feel so amazing and I've completed another goal, that all I can remember, (or perhaps choose to remember), are the great aspects of that run.

Today was the second day of my week four training, I feel like I'm ready to move forward to another level, but week five is a bit of a jump.  Fortunately, Todd Lange (creator of the 5K101), has also created a week called 4.2, which is an increase, but not quite the jump that week five will be.  I think this will be my next goal for at least one or two running days before moving to week five. I'm really looking forward to it.  I'll let you know how it goes!


Today's post run treat.  Raw, vegan and organic:
Red cabbage slaw on a bed of baby kale, veggie roll-ups, blackberries and pluots.  And lots of water!

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