Saturday, February 2, 2013

You know what feels good?

Here's the deal.  Tomorrow is an awesome seven mile race put on by my running group.  Registration is free with the suggested donation of one can of food for our local food bank.  A pretty amazing deal!  We get to have fun AND help others.  Of course we can donate as much as we like, and since we're there, why not give a little more?   

The projected high temperature for tomorrow so far is 25 degrees, and there is already snow on the ground with more on the way.  I am currently working my way back into my endurance groove and have been doing intervals, running and walking mixes with a timed plan.  Our last group training run was three miles.  That was tough for me trying to keep both my walking and running paces where I wanted them to be.  But I felt so wonderful when I was done!! I did it!  I met my goal!  I went out after work!  I ran at night!  I ran in the COLD!!  Here is what makes all of the previous such a big deal to me, I am a steadfast morning runner, who much prefers the lovely temperatures of a balmy Spring day and find running in the cold terribly painful, both mentally, as well as physically, I also enjoy being able to see where I'm going.  But, by pushing through some of my own personal challenges, it felt even better when I actually completed it!

Tomorrow's run is much longer than that for which I am actually physically prepared.  If I dress for the weather and shoot for a walk pace of 15-20 minute miles, I could be out there up to two and a half hours!  That is a loooooong time in this weather, and pushing for the distance as well.

Right now, if you're like me, you would probably be hearing all kinds of little excuses trying to push their way out to the front of your thoughts.  "It is going to be soooo cold", "This is going to be so hard", "This will take soooo long", "I'm already tired", "I need to clean house"... Seriously, I hate to clean house and I will even hear myself thinking how much there is to do, like I would even actually DO it!  HAH!

But, you know what feels good?  

Photo taken by Janelle Speir Preiner

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