Sunday, January 27, 2013

Don't be afraid of a little hard work...

Time to lace up and head out the door!  Bundle up, layer up, lace up and GO!  It is those times when we feel least like getting up off our butts that we need most to make ourselves do it, do something, anything, just get up off of that damn couch and get moving!  It feels so good once you do, and once you start moving you keep moving.  It is called momentum.  A wonderful physiological thing happens when you get up off the couch, you stay up off the couch!

We all want to feel good, it doesn't need to be about how you look.  We are bombarded with television, billboards, internet, movies, society....EVERYONE and EVERYTHING telling us that until we are ultra skinny or too thin, that we might as well not even consider getting out there.  Why bother? There will always be someone prettier, skinnier, stronger, healthier.  Yep that's right and so what?  There WILL always be someone prettier, skinnier, stronger, healthier, but there will also always be someone that is not as far as you are right now, someone heavier, weaker, sadder, lonelier, more afraid.  Just think how you could inspire them.

Let's not worry about trying to fit into someone else's mold for ourselves and our lives.  Let's get up and get moving, let's feel good, feel good about ourselves, help someone else get moving, help someone else feel good about themselves, be strong, get stronger, take a first step, then a second, keep moving.  And one day, sooner than you think you will wonder why you waited so long!

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