Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My first full week back!

It is my first full week of running since trying to get back out at least three days a week and it has been very successful!! I prefer heading out in the mornings, but I work on Mondays, so I packed up a change of clothes and headed straight over to the woods right after work.  If I go home first, I'll never get back out again, the dogs will be all stressed out from my coming and going, and I run the risk of sitting down!  Once I sit....good luck! HAH!

Monday evening I did intervals, alternating walking and running with quarter mile increment runs, Wednesday I tried bumping up the run distance to a half mile each time, and then today my goal was to try to complete at least one full mile running without stopping.

My shins were sore from walking so much and trying to go faster this week, and my hips were aching terribly from running with the added weight, so I pulled out the heavy artillery today, my Mizuno Wave Prophecies!  These are some strong supportive (and heavier) shoes with a very nice spring to them.

I was not only able to run a complete mile today, but after my walk interval, I felt like trying again, thinking I would go only a half mile this time, but instead going another full mile!!  I was extremely pleased and proud for pushing myself because it is so much more difficult with the excess pounds than anyone who has never had this problem can imagine.

Running Break!
Enjoying the gorgeous day and peacefulness of the park.

It has been so much harder with the weight back on, but I have been making better food choices and find I am actually wanting to do so, and have been only craving pretty much good foods. I've been having fun creating light and refreshing vegan recipes and even more fun being able to pack them up for work lunches and have delicious homemade meals at work!

Tofu 'eggless' salad, (I got ingredient ideas on line and then threw
together my choice of  ingredients and measurements to taste),
petite carrots, blueberries, almond milk (unsweetened original)

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