Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Something In The Air...

This morning I tipped the scale at a whopping 217.5 pounds, higher than I’ve been in well over a year.  This time last year I was around 185 pounds.  But, the amazing thing was, I just didn’t care.  I felt great today!  And it must have been something in the air, something light, something joyful, something happy, something unseen, yet something strong because when I got downstairs to take Moe-Moe out for a walk, he was in rare form and pulled me out of the house showing me he wanted to go for a ‘real’ walk, not just up and down his sidewalk!

Off we went into the neighborhood, Moe’s leg rigged in a handy sling I fashion out of his leash and me alongside holding his right rear weight up and getting a great upper body workout as a bonus.  I let him choose where we went and how long we were out there.  He went down and back, then continued on past home and went on the other direction for a bit before turning around.  As we were heading back, I noticed he was showing every indication of wanting to go down to the back of the neighborhood again, so this time I did cut it a little short to get him home to eat his breakfast and have his meds.  We had taken off before he had even done either.  He wasn’t too disturbed by this and we got him settled in while Tabs went out for a bit.  I got ready and packed her in the car and headed toward the park for some good times in the trails, in the shade and out of the direct sun. 

It was hot, but there was something different, about everything.  I felt light, happy.  Tabbi wasn’t pulling on her leash, I had pulled out some very light weight running shoes and decided to wear them, the air was hot, but there seemed to be a nice breeze and the shade felt amazing.

We had gone about a mile when I started hearing thunder claps, while all around us I saw blue skies and sunshine and it was HOT!  When I came to a place where I could view the skyline, it appeared to be storming, coming directly from the west and passing on to the north, passing over us again.  We continued on for a while then took a nice little water break at a picnic table.  A group of children came from off in one of the shelter areas and was headed our way to play on the playground equipment.  I love the sound of giggling kids, playing on the swings and inventing new games, challenging each other.  The children were having a great time on this beautiful sunny day in their very own specially carved out chunk of paradise.

Tabbi and I headed off for a little bit more time out in the woods.  The more we walked, the better I felt, stronger.  I was really enjoying this walk more than I had in ages.  I didn’t feel like I was carrying around concrete boulders on my feet, I felt light and springy, it didn’t feel like the air itself was pressing in on my chest squeezing and sucking all the wind out of me.  I just kept reveling in the awesomeness of the moment and how perfect it all was.  I felt so great that as we were almost back, I took a nice little run with my Tabs and she did very well, and so did I!

When we got back to the car and started to head home, we went through the park and out the long way.  There were deer, lots of squirrels, dozens of robins, and we even saw a great big fat groundhog!   This boy was huge!   We got out to the open road and could see above there were still bright puffy white clouds over us, but the storm having moved around us north and east, had apparently decided to head south as well!  I could see dark storm clouds and hear the thunder off to the south of us, and finally when the road opened out to see the southern sky well, there it was, lightening and dark streams of rain just pouring down directly to the south of us!

We got home and took a little break, and it must truly have been something in the air.  Just look at these two!  Tabbi wanted to snuggle close to Moe, and while it made him uncomfortable, he actually tolerated it for her today.

We’ve just come back inside from a potty break for the pups, the air is less humid, a breeze is blowing, and we do have some clouds.  But, it looks as if this one small area has been passed over once again for rain.  Even still, today I feel I enjoyed just a little piece of paradise.  Something in the air, indeed.

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