Sunday, January 1, 2012

2 Weeks Of Play Equal 1 Mile Of Pain!

Let's start by shouting, 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!'

Today is the first day of the 2012 Running Streak - Every Damn Day! (EDD) challenge or 'event' extended by 'I <3 to run's' facebook page (!/events/256988917695076/).  This is a goal you set for yourself, by yourself, with friends or with a group.  But you choose how long you want to embark on this streak of running every day.  The only real rule is that your daily mileage must meet the minimum of at least one mile.  BUT....if you are just beginning a running program and you really, really think you want to run EDD (not recommended if you are just starting out), then shoot for your running program's requirements and not a full mile.  Your goal for the day may be less than one tenth of a mile, then run your one tenth, but not more.  I would encourage you to try making the remainder of your mile a walk, (and this includes your running program's rest days in between your running days) but only if you are ready.  If you are not there yet, don't rush it! You could do more harm than good, both physically and mentally!

I personally have been pretty much vegging out and enjoying the last couple of weeks with NOT running and NOT workouts!  I've done some walking, but for the most part, I have been a NOT athlete!  Sometimes it is good and important to take breaks and my leg had been telling me it was time for a break.  This was good, and my leg has reaped the benefits of this rest period.  But, that doesn't mean you stop eating right, it doesn't mean you stop moving all together!  I have been spending way too much time on my butt and making far too many poor choices with my eating.  All which would be fine in moderation, but in combination, butt plopping, sugar snarfing, and exercise avoidance are a dangerous mix! If you do not have or set a goal for yourself, it is far too easy to slip into this as a way of life.  Be sure to set that goal date of getting up off your butt! 

I chose today as my goal date for many reasons.  Number one being that the EDD running streak began today.  By the time today rolled around, I was more than eager to get moving again!  I woke up to blustery winds and pouring rains outside my bedroom and decided it would be a one mile, treadmill kind of day.  I got up and dressed, took care of the pets, drank a protein drink, and then headed upstairs to my treadmill for my one mile.  Somewhere during my morning pet care, I had gotten one grain of kitty litter in my running shoe.  Now, I am usually a bit more like the princess in The Princess And The Pea story when it comes to anything getting in my running shoes, but for only one mile.....I should be able to handle it.  After all, this was going to be a breeze.  (Remember?  Not too long ago, during your half marathon training, you were actually starting to be relieved when you had a 6 or 7 mile training run scheduled?)  Shoot!  I should be able to pump out a one mile run at less than a 12 minute pace.  After all, it's 'only one mile'.  HAH!  Isn't it amazing how long it takes to get in shape as opposed to how easy and quick it is to become out of shape?!

I estimate I usually take about 2000 steps per mile, sometimes more, sometimes less.  But with my stride staying fairly consistent in length on the level surfaces, it is generally pretty close to that.  That was today's count.  2000 steps.  I should be able to do that in four Nickelback, When We Stand Together's.  Maybe less, I'm extremely eager to run today! 

I began with a quickie walk just to loosen up, but not much, it was 'only one mile'.  I quickly forgot about the grain of kitty litter once I began my run.  There is NO way this treadmill's speed is accurate!  I am way faster than this, and especially if I know I'm 'only' going to run one mile!  That's okay, I just need to forget about the pace and just concentrate on getting my one mile in.  In addition to the added weight increasing the resistance in every step, I was already so out of shape from lack of movement and eating crap food.  I realized this was not going to be 'only one mile', this was going to be 'one whole mile!'  By the time I had gotten through the first three quarters of this whole mile, I had completely forgotten about the giant kitty litter boulder in my shoe, and I was entirely too distracted trying to decide whether my lungs were going to blow up before or after I had my heart attack to even notice any type of leg pain!  Last quarter mile, so I should be good, but after hauling my concrete shoes filled with wet cement for that first three quarters of a mile,  I did need to back off on the pace even a little bit more.

DONE!  I did it!  I had to run to the sink and splash myself with cold water.  I was dizzy and lightheaded, I felt nauseous, but my leg didn't hurt!  And my breathing did recover quickly (I guess I hadn't lost it all yet).  My pace was about that of my half marathon pace.  Not quite what I had expected or even hoped for today, but it's a good beginning and I have met my goal!  And as I sit here typing this, there is a nagging little tug at the back of my mind.  Get these shoes off!  That giant kitty litter boulder is driving me nuts!

Just look at the size of that thing!

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