Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Morning Musings Of THIS Runner

I can't wait to start back in on reading my new Kindle book!! Not before your run or you'll never get out the door. You didn't do your 5k race yesterday and you need to do your make-up run for it today!  And you want to BLOG about it as well. Besides, you downloaded your new running song onto your IPod for today's run, aaaaawesome!  Okay, breakfast.  I'm hungry.  Don't make breakfast at home, you'll sit down to eat and get started on the computer and/or that new book! McDonald's Egg McMuffin with regular bacon instead of Canadian and a large Diet Coke! YUM! My signature pre 3 mile run meal of choice.  Get up, open the curtains and put on those running clothes.  THE SUN IS SHINING! YAAAAY! Go let Moe out and get everything ready.  All set now, and out the door with me.  Such a gorgeous day!  Very cold, but I'm dressed for it, and all nice and warmed up after scraping the frost off the car windows. Oh My Gosh!  I want to get a picture of how great the sun is today!  I just can't believe how beautiful it is!

Here I am.  I'm out of the car and bouncing and bending.  What am I doing here?  I'm scared, I haven't run in forEVERRR! what? 2 weeks? SOOOOO! You GET to do this, you don't have to! SOOOO, if you have to stop, STOP!  SOOOO, this is for YOU!  GET OVER IT!  Why wouldn't you be able to do it anyway?  Just slow down or even walk if you need to.  Your leg is feeling stronger and you were about ready to burst into spontaneous exercise last night from all the crap food and couch vegging out.  Your body needs this, your body WANTS this!  CRAP! Did I really just push that start button on my Garmin?!  HERE WE GO!
Oh my gosh! I feel friggin' wonderful!  This feels soooooo good! NO GREAT!! This first half mile feels good, I feel strong, I AM strong. Hmmm....what's that?  It's okay, just a little winded from letting yourself get a little out of shape, just gotta build that stamina up again, slowly.  Deep and slow inhale, slow and longer we go, slow down a little and get back into the swing of things.  Let's go out onto the road and see if we can get the miles up to a full 5k.  People are being so nice and giving me plenty of room on the road...'Thank you!' Wave and smiling at everyone each time.  Nice lady, nice smile back.  Coming back around and turning off road and back into the trail area.  Hmmmm, I was hoping to have gotten a couple miles in by here, but I feel way to good and know myself to think I've gotten in two miles yet, okay let's check, don't look at pace, just check distance for placement and to calculate and plan the rest of the route, okay and.....1.22, that sounded about right haha.  Well I'll do one of the loops back behind the Colts building then, that should be about enough.  Yikes! okay didn't see him coming, was just passed by a 'jogger/runner' that looks like he's not even trying. He sure makes it look easy, it feels easy sometimes for me today too.  Look at your shadow, not too bad, but it does look less like a Gazelle than I'd hoped. '......yaa-ayyy yaaa-ay yay....that's when we aaaalll win.....'  23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30........I LOVE THIS SONG!  .....45, 46, 47........89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5......I need to take this back loop out to about 2.1, that gives me the extra .6 when I loop back the extra .3 or so, and then it will be a full 5k.  Nice, I like this tiny gravel stuff, a little damp still, springy, nice.  Aaaand turning around......HI, nice man, walker.  .....57, 58, 59......What a pretty dog that couple has, HI. Smiling.  I am feeling the leg now, and dragging this extra baggage is starting to wear on my last nerve now.  Okay, so remember this will ya'?  What a difference 6 pounds can make.  But at least it is only more like an irritating kind of painful than it was previously with the painful kind of painful.  Wow! my car surrrrre looks small from here.   About three quarters of a mile out now.  You got this!  .....19, 20, 21......HEEEY YAAY AAAY YAAAY YAA-AY!  I hope I don't bother anyone with my singing heh heh, but I don't really care, love singing this song!  52, 53, 54, 55....I know I have only about another 500 steps to go.  Index finger out! ONE! 400 more...I feel my leg pain, and the extra weight makes these gradual slight inclines feel like magnets pulling my feet to the pavement, I'm fighting a battle every time I lift my feet. Oh no, Seriously?  At only about a quarter mile left? You need to throw up now?!  Fine, go ahead, but, I'M NOT STOPPING! You'll probably even feel better if you do, but I'M NOT STOPPING UNTIL I HIT 3.1! Hmm....that passed, thank goodness but even after that I still feel amazing!  My lungs have adjusted, I feel strong, I FEEL GOOD!  I feel a giant smile coming up from the inside!  Aaaannnnd 'STOP'!
I have to get a picture, it is so beautiful!  I am SO HAPPY!  Why did I wait so long to do this again?  I can't wait to do it again!  I <3 To Run is so right when they say, 'lace're only one run away from a good mood!'

Driving home......I want to RUN! MORE! :D


  1. That was hilarious! Exactly the kind of stuff that goes through my mind although I'm mostly walking with a little jogging now. Congrats on pushing through.

  2. I'm soooo glad to hear someone else say that!! I was afraid maybe it was just me!! LOL ;)

  3. Hi lori, since you stopped by my blog i thought i would stop by yours. I loved reading about your run. I felt like i was on the run with you. LOL...and i hate running. I'm more of a walker. By the way i have a friend with the same name as yours. So you can image my reaction when i read who posted a comment on my blog. Enjoy your blog so i will be back....Maxine

  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed it Maxine. That's wild about your friend's name being the same as mine, how very cool is that? :)
    I'm just starting my blogs and really having a great time with them. I've also started one with some photography on it called 'Minute Miracles'. There are some older pics in there and some with a little blur action, but the newer pics will be higher quality. (New Camera! :) )Photography is my passion, but I do love and enjoy the other arts as well. You are very gifted and have myriad talents! I look forward to seeing more of your work!